Welcome to the biggest PDF search engine in the world - 1download was developed to become the best PDF search engine in the world. Every day our crawlers collect thousands of new PDF files in the internet. 1download was launched in January 2018 and as of March 2018 there're already more than 500'000 PDF files in the index. Our mission is to collect all known PDF files in the world in one place and offer users only the best PDF searching experience.

During 2018 our team will improve or implement the next features:

1. Full text PDF search. This feature will allow users to find files if they know only some phrases that they remember or they think are inlcuded inside PDF.
2. Online reading. This feature will allow to make sure that it's definitely correct file before downloading it.
3. PDF upload (user gererated content). We hope our users will help us to find the rare files that can be useful for all community.

With 1download we believe that PDF search will become more easy, fast and useful. Let's build together the biggest PDF archive in the world.