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Eroge download. Eroge is a Japanese video game. Some people call it H-Light novels or x-games. The story starts in 80’s when JP corporations launched their own line of microcomputers (Sharp, Fujitsu, NEC and MSX) to fight the American competitors. NEC was losing the game with its 16 colors and no sound, but still kept trying to get on track. That’s where starts the history of Eroge that you’re trying to download now. The first commercial eroge was Night Life that was launched in 1982 by Koei – it was a Stone Age of computer graphic with sexy pictures. The second Eroge that became available to download was Danchi Tsuma no Yuwaku – eroge where users could play in 8 colors by one of the characters. Downloading eroge DTNY 2 million times made Koei a really big software company. Facts before you download eroge: 1) Nihon and Square launched similar eroges in 1980s before it became a hit; 2) By downloading eroge first users got simple scenarios, but some games involved hard actions; 3) The price to download eroge was $85 and demand has fallen down quite quickly.
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